Friday, April 16, 2010

The Kitten Fairy Cometh!

We now return to KITT-FM, where it's all kittens, all the time. And now, broadcasting live from our studios in Purrbank, Cat-ifornia - heeeeeere's your hostess, Mother Catresa!

Hi folks!

Be careful what you wish for, right? Well, I've been saying I'm ready for some kittens, but so far, a litter has not been offered to Foster Cat, the new group I'm working with. I thought I'd be waiting another month, when shelters start to get flooded.

But, about an hour ago, the Humane Society of Western Pennsylvania contacted Foster Cat and said they had a "project" for an eager foster parent: a mom and four kittens who are being treated for upper respiratory and eye problems. I'm Mother Catresa, and "project" is my middle name! At that place I used to work, kittens that needed extra care (for socialization or otherwise) often were sent to me. I am eager, willing and ready to give these babies and their mama medical care and love and affection.

So much for my planned pancake theme, though, discussed in my last post. The mom, a brown tabby, already has a name: Tiger, so she's not going to be Mrs. Butterworth. The babies are about five weeks old, mostly weaned, and include a cream tabby, an orange tabby, a black one, and - get this - a MALE tortie. No kidding! I am about to meet one of the rarest anomalies in the feline world. About 99 percent of tortoiseshell and calico kitties are female, because of the X chromosome involved with black and orange. The almost unheard-of male has a genetic glitch and is probably sterile, but otherwise, a normal kitty that is just a prized rarity.

Oh, this is going to be fun. I pick them up on Saturday. Wish me well, and stay tuned!

Until next time, I remain,

Mother Catresa
Patron Saint of Homeless Felines
(and the "smitten kitten")

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